According to law, and in the interests of public safety:

must be adequately fenced to ensure they are not a danger to the public. The Constables carry out inspections in September each year and defaulters are reported to the Court of Chief Pleas in October.


The occupier of land in, or on which a pit is situated so as to be freely accessible and potentially hazardous to any person, shall ensure that such pit is filled in, covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person from accidentally falling into it.

(According to the law, “pit” means any boiler pit, oil catchment pit, water cistern or well – whether or not the same is in use, and includes any derelict such boiler pit, oil catchment pit, water cistern or well).

Any reports or complaints of dangerous cisterns or pits should be referred to the Department of Commerce & Employment (Health & Safety Executive) – Tel: 234567.