Douzenier Nomination

The Electors of the Town and Parish of St. Peter Port are invited by the Constables and Douzeniers to meet at Les Cotils, Harry Bound Room at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th April 2017 to transact the following business:


ONE DOUZENIER to complete the term of office until 31.12.18 of Mr J H Sarre.

Nominations are invited.

Nominations forms are available from the Constables Office, Lefebvre Street and to download at and on completion must be returned thereto by 4.00 pm on Monday 3rd April 2017

Declaration of Interests

During the Douzaine meeting of 26th of September 2016 it was decided by a vote (8 for, 6 against, 2 abstentions) that Members Declaration of Interest Forms should be completed and placed on the parish website subject to any Data Protection issues on the basis the Douzaine member consented to this.

After correspondence with the Assistant Data Protection Officer we became aware that whilst consent is a condition for lawful processing, it would be questionable applying it in the manner intended as members may feel pressurised into disclosing.

To thus ensure we are compliant with the Data Protection Act it was agreed in our Douzaine meeting of the 24th of October 2016 to not proceed with Members Interest Forms at this time.

Election Results