Election Results


I, Dennis Henry Le Moignan as Returning Officer for the Electoral District of St. Peter Port for the Election of Five Douzeniers have to advise you that the votes cast were as follows:

FISHER, Keith Alan 175 votes

GRANT, Robert Alexander 193 votes

LORD, Richard Lund 187 votes

QUERIPEL, Lester Carlson 150 votes

TASKER, Jennifer Mary 122 votes

WILSON, Peter John Barry 167 votes


Total votes cast were: 994

There were 2 spoilt papers.

The percentage poll was 4.26% .

Returning Officer

* At a Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd November 2011, Mr Richard Henry Heywood Barneby was re-elected unopposed for the office of Procureur of the Poor.

Election of Parochial Officials

The Constables and Douzaine hereby give notice that an election of Parish Officials will take place on Wednesday 2nd November 2011. The meeting is to take place at Les Côtils Christian Centre (Harry Bound Room) at the conclusion of the meeting by the Rector and Churchwardens which commences at 7.30pm                                       
                                    BY THE ELECTORS ONLY TO ELECT:
                                    The following nomminations have been received:
                                     For the office of Douzenier (five vacancies):
                                    MR. ROBERT ALEXANDER GRANT
                                    Proposed by Mr. M. Gorman
                                    Seconded by Mr. M.A. Lainé
                                    MRS. JENNIFER MARY TASKER
                                    Proposed by Mr. A. Langlois
                                    Seconded by Mr. R. Domaille
                                    MR. PETER JOHN BARRY WILSON
                                    Proposed by Mrs. J.M. Beaugeard
                                    Seconded by Mr. J. Kuttelwascher
                                    MR.  RICHARD LUND LORD
                                    Proposed by Mr. P.K.M. Daley
                                    Seconded by Dr. D. Robson
                                    MR. KEITH ALAN FISHER
                                    Proposed by Mr. P.A. Harwood
                                    Seconded by Mr. R.R. Matthews
                                    MR. LESTER CARLSON QUERIPEL
                                    Proposed by Mr. P.J. Burtenshaw
                                    Seconded by Mr. A. Pugh
For the office of Procureur of the Poor (one vacancy):
                                    MR. RICHARD HENRY HEYWOOD BARNEBY
                                    Proposed by Ms. S.A. Cataroche
                                    Seconded by Mr. S.R. Finetti

NSPCC Launch C.I. Helpline

NSPCC launches designated Helpline text number for people in the Channel Islands to report child abuse

The NSPCC has this week launched a designated text number -

07786 200001   

- for the Channel Islands to drive ‘on the spot’ reports of child abuse to its national Helpline.
The launch comes as a recent NSPCC poll reveals people in the UK and Channel Islands are unlikely to report child abuse unless they act immediately.  One in fifteen polled in the Channel Islands said they had been concerned a child was being abused or neglected, but 31% of those who didn’t report their fears immediately took no action later.
NSPCC children’s services manager, Nola Hopkins, said: “It’s vital that we pick up on the signs of child abuse as early as possible but we know that the longer people wait, the less likely they are to act on their concerns. Social workers cannot be in the community all the time. By texting the Helpline the public can help be their eyes and ears so we’d encourage everyone to save this number to their phone.”
“The text service was launched across the UK and Channel Islands in May but it quickly became apparent that the number provided did not function across the whole of the Channel Islands.  We were extremely keen to rectify the situation as soon as possible so are pleased to announce that the new dedicated text number is now up and running in the Channel Islands.
“Some people may prefer texting to talking when reporting abuse and seeking advice and information about keeping children safe. However you contact the Helpline, it’s about choosing the right option for you”
During May 2011, when the UK text number was launched, the NSPCC Helpline received 152 texts relating to child welfare, 34% of which resulted in a referral to police and children’s services. When asked, 45% of users who responded said they would not have contacted the Helpline without the text service.
An anxious member of the public texted the NSPCC Helpline with concerns about a parent who had been seen going out one night and leaving their two young children at home alone. To make sure that the children were safe, the Helpline counsellor contacted the police, who went out and found the children were still by themselves. The concerns were also shared with children’s services so that a social worker could work with the family to make sure the children would not be left in that situation again.
The new text service makes the NSPCC Helpline more accessible, and adds to the existing ways that people can get in touch, by 24-hour freephone (0808 800 5000), by email help@nspcc.org.uk, or by making a report online at www.nspcc.org.uk/helpline.  The service is there for anyone with concerns about a child, be that a member of the community worried about something they have seen or heard or a parent looking for help and advice about their own behaviour.
Anyone sending a text to the NSPCC Helpline on 07786 200001 will receive an immediate response confirming that their message has been received. This message will also encourage them to call the Helpline on 0808 800 5000, or to contact the police if they think a child is in immediate danger.
A trained NSPCC Helpline counsellor will reply to a text message within three hours, and offer advice, information and assistance. They may ask for additional information about the person’s concerns, or confirm that a referral has been made to the police or children’s services. 

Floral St. Peter Port Results


The Floral Committee were delighted to receive 46 entries this year, many of which were first time entries. There are categories covering every type of property, both private and commercial, so why not join in next year.

For a full copy of the 2011 competition results, please email Katina Jones at katina.jones@cwgsy.net


The parish was pleased to receive a Silver Gilt Award, and despite a major effort by the Committee, volunteers and the SWD on the morning of the judging, we were marked down due the amount of litter and cigarette ends on the route.


The Constables and Douzaine were delighted to receive a Gold Award again this year.

The Constables extend their thanks to everyone who played their part in helping to make St Peter Port beautiful

Open Garden

Open Garden on 19th June, Pat & Liz Johnsons at Grange Court, The Grange, St Peter Port -1 till 5pm in aid of Les Bourgs’. Teas & Cakes and tombola.

Holiday Arrangements

Householders in St. Peter Port are hereby notified that there will be NO COLLECTION of refuse on Monday, 30th May 2011.

Districts affected will be missed entirely until the next usual collecting day.


Updated Contact Details

Please note the contact details for the Deputies have been updated.