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St. Peter Port Parish

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Parish nominations received

Wed 30 Oct 2019

Here are the nominations received for the Parochial elections at Les Cotils on Wednesday 6th November at 7.30pm

For the office of Constable (one vacancy):

                                    DENNIS HENRY LE MOIGNAN

                                    Proposed by Peter Andrew Harwood

                                    Seconded by Geoffrey Maurice Le Gallez

                                    ROSEMARIE ANNE HENDERSON

                                    Proposed by Nicholas Bartholomew Joyce

                                    Seconded by Judith Mary Beaugeard

For the office of Douzenier (six vacancies):

                                   JACQUELINE CAROL ROBIN

                                    Proposed by Elizabeth Johnson

                                    Seconded by Keith Alan Robin

                                    JENNIFER MARY TASKER

                                    Proposed by Jill Tostevin

                                    Seconded by May Way                              

                                    ROSEMARIE ANNE HENDERSON

                                    Proposed by Peter Andrew Harwood

                                    Seconded by Andrew John Pouteaux

                                    BENEDICT JOHNATHON NOEL NICHOLLS

                                    Proposed by Laine Elizabeth Cornelius

                                    Seconded by Timothy Alan Carey Bush

                                    NEIL EDWARD FORMAN

                                    Proposed by Hannah Mercedes Beacom

                                    Seconded by Tobias Christian Luke Boucher

For the office of Procurer of the Poor (one vacancy)

                                    MARTIN RICHARD HARRIS

                                    Proposed by David Falla

                                    Seconded by Jennifer Mary Tasker

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