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2019 Parish Floral Competition

Mon 26 Aug 2019

Thank you to all who entered our Parish Floral Competition this year. We are delighted to announce the Private Garden winner (for the 2nd year in a row) as Mr Richard Ellis, pictured here with his trophy as well as a couple of photos of his delightful garden.

The judges, Martyn Langlois and John Nichols were very complementary about all of the entries and placed Mr & Mrs R Price 2nd and Mrs Sylvia Fossey 3rd.

Also pictured is David Hands from Moores Hotel, who achieved GOLD and won the Hotels’ Trophy, again for the 2nd year in a row. David does most of the maintenance and watering during the night shift and we feel has been well rewarded for all his hard work.

Other categories did not see the entries being awarded GOLD and therefore no trophies were won this year.  It is hoped with a little more publicity we can get more entrants next year in all categories. 

Douzenier Jacquie (Jax) Robin



Richard Ellis accepting the private garden award from Constable Jenny Tasker


David Hands accepting the hotel award from Constable Jenny Tasker


David Hands of Moores Hotel


Richard and Joyce Ellis’s colourful garden


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