St. Peter Port Parish
St. Peter Port Parish

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The parish currently has two dedicated Constables, Mrs J M Tasker and Mr D H Le Moignan. You can also view the Douzeniers and parish Deputies details.


Mr D. H. Le Moignan
Flat 4,
Le Mont de Val, 
St. Peter Port, 
T: 725030

  • Parochial Committees: All Committees
  • Douzenier since 1st January 2007.
  • Constable since 1st January 2011 and Senior Constable since 1st January 2015

Mr Le Moignan is a retired Fire Officer.


Mrs J M Tasker

Les Croutes, 
St. Peter Port, 
T: 701528

  • Parochial Committees: All Committees
  • Constable since 1st January 2015.  Douzenier since 1st January 2016.

Mrs Tasker is a retired secondary school Headmistress & P/T Surveyor for the Committee for Economic Development.


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